Wined Up & Lightfoot Wines 12 Wines of Christmas

Christmas is upon us. There’s no escaping it. When it comes to Christmas time, you can either bury your head in the sand and try to ignore all the festivities or you can just accept it and embrace it. After all, it is supposedly a time of goodwill to all.

Taking this into account, we have decided to fully embrace the Christmas spirit. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring you the LIGHTFOOT WINES 12 WINES OF CHRISTMAS! 

So throughout December we are going to showcase our 12 favourite wines, which we think will make great gifts, accompany Christmas dinner, or will just warm you up when the weather is dark and miserable.



(Also, we’re aware that there are 13 bottles in the title image)

Sit tight, relax and enjoy the Lightfoot Wines 12 Wines of Christmas. We’ll take care of all your wine needs this Christmas, all you need to do is cook the turkey.

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