Why On Earth Would You Open A Wine Shop?!

In current times when more and more niche retailers are losing business to supermarkets some may think it would be crazy to buy a wine shop, and some may be right. At the same time, I think there are crazier things to do… bungee jumping without a rope springs to mind… to be honest, that … Continue reading Why On Earth Would You Open A Wine Shop?!

Supermarket Ramblings

If you’ve read any of my postings before you will probably be aware that I have a hard time getting to the point. It’s not that I ramble (although people may argue that I do) I just like to set the scene. So… Story time. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Berlin. I … Continue reading Supermarket Ramblings

Vinifera & Viniserve: An Update from ‘Captain’ Jardine

This month’s Tuesday Night Tasting surrounded the theme of “Vinifera” and was hosted by the fine folks at Planter’s Ridge. As host/showrunner, I felt the need to up the presentation game. This involved deriving the word “Plane” from Planter’s Ridge, obtaining a Pilot costume, and introducing each vineyard, as though we were on an airline, … Continue reading Vinifera & Viniserve: An Update from ‘Captain’ Jardine