Salads, Summer and Sipping!

I don’t know about you, but when the temperature starts to crank up, my appetite does the opposite. During Winter I can happily spend hours in the kitchen making rich stews and heart warming roast dinners, but as soon as the Summer hits all I want is something quick, light, easy and to avoid the … Continue reading Salads, Summer and Sipping!


Vinifera & Viniserve: An Update from ‘Captain’ Jardine

This month’s Tuesday Night Tasting surrounded the theme of “Vinifera” and was hosted by the fine folks at Planter’s Ridge. As host/showrunner, I felt the need to up the presentation game. This involved deriving the word “Plane” from Planter’s Ridge, obtaining a Pilot costume, and introducing each vineyard, as though we were on an airline, … Continue reading Vinifera & Viniserve: An Update from ‘Captain’ Jardine