Vinifera & Viniserve: An Update from ‘Captain’ Jardine

This month’s Tuesday Night Tasting surrounded the theme of “Vinifera” and was hosted by the fine folks at Planter’s Ridge. As host/showrunner, I felt the need to up the presentation game. This involved deriving the word “Plane” from Planter’s Ridge, obtaining a Pilot costume, and introducing each vineyard, as though we were on an airline, … Continue reading Vinifera & Viniserve: An Update from ‘Captain’ Jardine


“Come on! Chug, people!” An afternoon with

You may have noticed that over the past year we have run profiles on a number of distributors, producers and pioneers within the wine industry. That’s because here at Wined Up, we like to talk about people and projects that we genuinely find interesting. We don’t plug certain companies for advertising revenue; we profile them … Continue reading “Come on! Chug, people!” An afternoon with

Sideways: How it changed my life

Miles: "It tastes like the back of a fucking L.A. school bus. Now they probably didn't de-stem, hoping for some semblance of concentration, crushed it up with leaves and mice, and then wound up with this rancid tar and turpentine bullshit. Fuckin' raid."